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Snuggy Flapping Anal Plug Vibrator- Black

Snuggy Flapping Anal Plug Vibrator- Black

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Looking to refresh your anal sex experience? Fire up your booty-shaking mood with Snuggy's vibrations. This sexy anal plug is designed to trigger steamy butt pleasure and overwhelm your anal nerves with ecstasy. Ride on Snuggy and reach new heights of heavenly backdoor thrills. 10 Powerful Flapping & 7 Vibrating. Snuggy is characterized by its unique hollow tapered silhouette and petite robust shaft that flaps back and forth in 10 patterns, teasing sensitive anal spots during penetration. Combined with the tapered silhouette vibrating in 7 modes, you'll experience nasty anal play like never before, leading to unforgettable anal orgasms. Try the gentle to wild patterns and discover your tail-shaking exhilaration. Pulsate in Booty Shake. Don't worry about your anal sex toy falling out. The customized tapered tip design of this anal vibrator allows it to slide in smoothly and stay put. Its flared base promises to keep the plug in place. Tease your sensitive anal spots with the utmost joy. Spice up your sex adventure by handing over the remote control or wearing it out. One Year Warranty.
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