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King Cock Elite

King Cock Elite Beginner's Silicone Body Dock Kit

King Cock Elite Beginner's Silicone Body Dock Kit

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The patented* Beginner’s Silicone Body Dock® Kit includes everything you need to take strap-on play to a whole new level! The included King Cock Elite® silicone dildo is made from high-quality, dual-density Elite Silicone™. The lifelike silicone outer skin is smooth to the touch, while the hard silicone inner shaft is stiff and erect like an actual penis, making your pleasure experience as true to real life as possible! The solid suction cup has been designed for superior adherence, giving you more versatility and convenience during use. In addition to being Body Dock® compatible, the suction cup is designed to work with most traditional harnesses if desired. Every King Cock® is responsibly crafted with compliant materials and carefully checked to match our top-quality guidelines. You can enjoy every King Cock® masterpiece with full confidence. Features: Body Dock® Harness: Patented Push & Play Design works with most suction cups. Simply push the suction cup of your favorite dildo or vibrator against the concave suction dock until ALL of the air between them is released! The suction creates a super-strong bond with no need for rings or snaps! Angled Suction Dock Helps to Keep the Dildo Erect. The Body Dock® has been designed with an angled suction dock to help counteract sagging caused by traditional harnesses, keeping everything looking as natural and true to life as possible. The wide, form-fitted body plate distributes pressure evenly across the pelvic region, reducing pin-point pressure that can be caused by traditional harnesses. In addition, the heavy duty nylon straps and plastic adjusters make the harness fully adjustable to fit most sizes, and helps to hold tight when the action heats up! **The docking plate measures 3.4 in. (86 mm.) in diameter and can accommodate any dildo with a suction cup with a diameter smaller than this size.** Heavy Duty Nylon Straps and Plastic Adjusters. Easily Adjusts to fit Waist sizes up to 54" (137 cm) King Cock Elite ® Dildo: High Quality Elite Silicone™. Dual Density - Soft Skin with a Stiff Shaft. Incredible Lifelike Textures & Details. The wide suction cup has been designed for ultimate adherence to almost any flat surface, and the wide base is harness compatible. For Best Results: Make sure that the Body Dock® is clean and dry before attaching any intimate accessories. Always attach your accessories to the Body Dock® before applying any lubricant. If you get lubricant on the Body Dock® and/or the bottom of the suction cup, clean with a mild detergent/antibacterial cleaner and warm water, and then dry. Care Instructions: To clean the Body Dock® harness, spot clean with a mild detergent and warm water. Hang to dry. The Elite Silicone™ King Cock® easily cleans with antibacterial cleaner and warm water. For extra comfort, use a water-based lubricant like Moist®. Caution: Only Use with Water-Based Lubricants. *Patent Pending

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