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Master Series

Master Series Kinky Couch Sex Chaise Lounge w/Love Pillows - Red

Master Series Kinky Couch Sex Chaise Lounge w/Love Pillows - Red

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What looks like a simple and elegant couch holds endless possibilities for you and your partner! The bed holds so many limitations, while this chaise lounge invites you to play with every angle as you tease and tempt your partner. Bring your hands and knees to lean against the arching curves. Dip down, bring your bottom up high. The amount of creativity that you can bring to this versatile design will have your head spinning and your lips crying out for more!

Try out doggy style with your partner’s hips lower or give yourself a chance to straddle the couch and thrust while standing, rather than kneeling. Lay back and let yourself receive pleasure from their mouth and tongue; up the level of kink and let yourself be cuffed to the sides so you can writhe in pleasure and remain bound to the couch. Try straddling them in Cowgirl pose, or reverse it.

Bring their head or yours high, or lay back letting your head drop into inverted poses. Want to give them oral pleasure but keep your neck from arching? Have them sit on the edge of the couch as you kneel or crouch so you can eat them out for days! Have them lift their hips or bottom high so you can stand and easily reach their erogenous zones and use a vibrating wand or their favorite toy on them as they are restrained and supported by the couch.

When you desire to give yourself a platform to kneel on instead of a curve, simply place one of the included sex-aid pillows under the knees for a firm, flat surface. To give their face a pillow for support as you drive into them from behind, place one at the top to cushion their face - or to muffle their loud moans!

Includes positioning love pillows.

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