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Bedroom Bliss Love Bench

Bedroom Bliss Love Bench

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Enjoy longer scenes and more comfortable kink with this Love Bench! Never before has there been such an easy to use and ergonomic bondage bench. Designed so your torso and lower limbs are fully supported but cushioned at the same time. Don't sacrifice your time and desires by playing with furniture that doesn't allow for superior comfort! You can choose what type of pain you might enjoy without succumbing to numb hands and aching knees with high-density foam that is firm enough to lift you up but not so soft that you sink into the pillow. This vibrant red and deep black bench is easy to move around and can be placed on the floor or a bed to play on. With 12 different attachment points you still enjoy playing while restrained. The bench includes 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs, 3 connectors with D-rings and 2 restraint connectors. Due to the bench being softer than a hard wood or metal bench, you can also explore more positions that your body would normally allow you to! The velvety soft outer cover feels luxurious against your bare skin and the water-resistant inner cover protects the foam from water, spills and moisture so you can enjoy this item for years to come. Both covers are machine washable so you can easily care for your new favorite bondage bench! Have your partner climb onto the bench face down, straddling the pillow so their knees are bent and their shins rest against the lower steps of the bench. Caress their body and run your pal down their back until you slowly start to rub their derriere and give them playful slaps. As you see them relax into a comfortable position, their body weight supported by the pillow, take the cuffs and start to place them on their ankles and wrists. Attach them one by one until they are fully restrained. As you play with their backside, enjoy both how relaxed they are and that they cannot break free from the restraints. Release the cuffs from the attachment points and then flip them on their back. The foam has enough give that they can comfortably lay against it, belly up to the sky, without hurting their back. Cuff them again and use toys or hands to tease and pleasure them. Finally, have them sit up, straddling the higher part of the pillow, so they can face you and play with you too! After playing, tuck the pillow away for next time and strip the covers as needed to throw it in the wash!

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